We know all dealerships have a lot on their plate, and managing sales and installation of accessories can be a huge headache if it's not taken care of efficiently. We specialize in managing dealership accessory departments, offering dealer pricing and car shuttling services so you can keep prices appealing, and smooth out installation and delivery of all your vehicles.

We also offer preloading services, so as soon as your vehicles arrive from the manufacturer, we can install PPF and window tint on site so your vehicles are protected before they ever see the road!

Additionally, we can help build custom dealer trim packages to set your top sellers apart from the rest! We can create custom vinyl graphics and badging bundled with PPF and window tint packages exclusive to your dealership to push your branding and image further.


Since every dealership has individual needs, we like to meet in person to review the exact needs of your business to make sure you get the most out of each sale! We are able to bundle multiple services into a unique package deal to help keep costs down, so your final invoices net you even higher margins.

Please feel free to give us a call at (719) 985-5633 or email us at to get started on building your dealer package!




Almost all of your customers are familiar with tint, and will likely get their windows tinted after a purchase, so why not offer it yourself? We can preload your lot with window tint for an easy upsell, or apply it after a sale with other accessory packages you offer on a case by case basis.


When purchasing a new vehicle, one of the worst feelings for your customers is finding that first rock chip after a short time of driving. The best option is to preload your vehicles fresh from the factory so the paint is protected from day one and is never exposed to the open road. Additionally, we can apply PPF after a sale with other accessory packages you offer on a case by case basis.


For those customers that want a unique ride straight from the dealership, we offer custom dealer trim packages to set your vehicles apart from the rest! We specialize in custom graphics and chrome deletes to give your top sellers that extra flair that customers love.


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