Whether you drive a Ford Pinto or a Rolls Royce, on-road or off-road, daily drive or have a show car, a properly installed vinyl wrap will help personalize your ride, all while protecting the finish of your original paint!


We only use the top brands in the industry (Avery Dennison, Hexis, 3M, etc.) to ensure you get the longest lasting and best looking wrap possible! Our installers are certified by all the major manufacturers, and take utmost pride in providing you with the best installation possible.

Arlon Cheetah Wrap Avery Dennison KPMF Hexis 3M Oracal vinyl brand logos


  • Aftermarket paint depreciates a vehicles re-sale value.

  • Good quality paint jobs can take several weeks, a high quality wrap takes days.

  • Vinyl is self healing and protects your paint underneath.

  • Custom stripes and partial wraps are much more convenient and not permanent compared to their painted counterparts.

  • Vinyl doesn't flake, it can't be dry sprayed or run, and you'll never be left with fisheyes or pitting.

  • Vinyl has finishes and effects that simply can't be replicated with paint, or would be incredibly expensive to achieve (color flips, brushed finish, chrome, etc.)

  • If a solid color isn't your style, we can also print anything you'd like! Patterns, images, gradients, textures, you name it.


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Manufacturer certification isn't just some fancy plaque for us to hang on a wall or something to brag about for advertising. Being manufacturer certified means all of our installers have passed strict written and physical tests to industry standards. As a consumer, this means your wrap will be installed with the highest standards and can be warrantied as such. Manufacturers will void their warranty on the film if it isn't installed correctly, so make sure your vehicle is wrapped by a certified installer!

Paint is Dead is a collective of the world's top wrap shops and installers. In order to be a part of the Paint is Dead movement, each shop must pass strict application guidelines and prove a history of quality wraps over several years before they can be accepted.

Certified matters.

Custom full print vinyl wrap on Hexis White Rainbow installed on a Scion tC


Solid color isn't your only choice. Whether you want to wow your customers and advertise your business, or just want to have the wildest graphics at a show, full print vinyl is going to be the best bet. We are able to print millions of colors, and with basic or specialty laminates, the end result can have many different finishes!


Sometimes a car just doesn't come in the color you want, and sometimes, you just get tired of looking at the same color for several years. That's where a color change vinyl wrap comes in. With 500+ colors and finishes to choose from, there's bound to be a color out there for you.

Custom vinyl color change wrap with KPMF Matte Iced Blue Titanium on a Tesla Model 3


Custom color change vinyl wrap process on a McLaren P1


 We first thoroughly wash the exterior to remove any large contaminates like dirt and dust.



Next, we disassemble any necessary panels, like headlights, trim, and bumpers.



Once the vehicle is completely rid of any surface impurities, we begin installation! Every panel is wrapped individually to ensure maximum coverage!



After the wash, we do a full exterior detail with a clay bar to remove any surface impurities that might not have been removed with the wash.



 After the disassembly, your vehicle gets wiped down with isopropyl alcohol to ensure we are applying the vinyl to nothing but your clear coat!


Custom gloss vinyl color change wrap with 3M Fierce Fuschia on a Subaru STi


If you are looking for a clean, paint-like finish, look no further than a gloss wrap. Gloss is a great option to get that "from factory" look, especially if you couldn't get the color you wanted. Additionally, there are plenty of other wilder color options for those who want the paint-like finish, but really want to stand out.


If you are looking for a silky, smooth finish that isn't too matte, and isn't too glossy, look no further than a satin finish. The diffused highlights and reflections really give your vehicle a super smooth finish that really stands out.

Custom satin vinyl color change wrap in 3M Satin Vampire Red on a Nissan 300ZX
Custom matte vinyl color change wrap in KPMF Satin Rose Gold on a Lexus LC500


If you're really looking to step out of the norm, a matte finish will help you do just that! Not only does matte look great with solid colors, but with some printed wraps, matte is just the best option. Distressed and weathered prints are always crowd favorites, and matte finishes just fit the theme better than gloss.


If one color just isn't enough, or you really want to step up the "wow" factor of your vehicle, look no further than a color changing film. Also known as "chameleon" or "color flip" films, these wraps are dressed to impress. Some colors just switch between two colors, and others change through the whole color spectrum.

Custom color change flip vinyl color change wrap in 3M Gloss Flip Deep Space on a BMW i8 electric car
Custom gloss chrome vinyl color change wrap in Avery Dennison Gloss Grey with Hexis Teal Super Chrome decals on a Ford F350


Flashy. Definitely not subtle. The pinnacle of luxury. Chrome is easily the most eye catching wrap you can put on your vehicle. Chrome vinyls have a layer of metalized film so chrome truly has a brilliant, mirror-like finish that cannot be replicated with paint.


The staple of high performance vehicles everywhere. Carbon Fiber screams speed and luxury, no matter the finish. We carry several weaves and finishes of Carbon Fiber vinyl so you can get the exact look you want, no matter the vehicle you have!

Custom carbon fiber vinyl color change wrap in Hexis Gloss Carbon Fiber on a Ford Mustang GT
Custom brushed metal vinyl color change wrap in 3M Brushed Black Metallic on a Tesla Model 3 interior


Brushed metal is a classic look that is loved worldwide for its sleek, modern finish, and is perfect for interior trim! Not only an interior option, full brushed metal wraps have a smooth, satin look, while still catching amazing highlights in the texture that other satin finishes just can't come close to matching.


If you really want to step outside the box, we offer several other textured finishes that are sure to turn heads! Everything from alligator, snake, and leather finishes, to more abstract options like 3M Shadow Black and Hexis Forged Carbon. No matter your needs, we're sure there is a finish and color out there for you!

Custom alligator snake skin vinyl color change wrap in Hexis Black Alligator on a BMW 3 Series