The very thing we need cars for is the same thing that wears them down: driving. Fortunately, advancements in paint protection film technology have vastly improved the protection it can provide your vehicle, helping to maintain that show room finish we all direly want to keep.

PPF uses advanced elastomeric polymers that allow the film to self heal when scratched and scuffed so you never have to worry about those annoying white lines and paint chips. PPF also contains UV inhibitors to protect your clear coat from fading and peeling. 

PPF isn't limited to just your front end either, any painted surfaces can be protected so you can get all the protection you want! Common areas include trunk entrances, side blast zones, A-pillars, door cups, and the front edge of the roof. If you're really looking to protect your investment, we can provide full coverage for your vehicle, so all painted surfaces get protection.


  • Protects your vehicles paint against physical damage like rock chips and scratches that otherwise are a real pain to fix, both physically and for your wallet.

  • PPF is extremely hydrophobic, so water, dirt, and grime literally fall off your protected surfaces.

  • The sun can damage your paint even more than rocks, but is often forgotten since it takes such a long time. PPF has UV inhibitors that protect your paint from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps your clear coat from fading and peeling.

  • PPF is 100% optically clear, so you don't have to worry about your protected areas looking any different than your exposed surfaces. With the UV inhibitors, you also never have to worry about the PPF yellowing and ruining that invisible coverage.



We are the only authorized dealers and certified installers for Hexis Bodyfence paint protection films in the state, so you can rest assured your PPF will be installed with unprecedented precision and speed.


Out of sight, out of mind. PPF is optically clear, so it won't alter the look of your paint, and with the UV inhibitors, it won't yellow, and your paint won't fade. Not only can you not tell the PPF is there, you can leave your paint worries behind knowing your paint is protected from rock chips and scratches.


You aren't limited to just protecting the front end of your vehicle, PPF will adhere to any painted surface! Whether you're looking to just add some extra protection to high traffic areas like the blast zones or trunk entrance, or want to completely protect your vehicle all the way around, we can install any amount of coverage you need to protect your investment!


No, it's not a medical condition you need to be worried about! PPF is extremely hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, dirt, and grime much better than your paint. With paint, dirt and grime get stuck, and hard water can leave spotting once it dries. PPF doesn't have this problem, and if anything does end up sticking, it just rinses off with a little water making cleaning less of a hassle!

Gloss Hexis Bodyfence Xpel Ultimate Plus clear bra paint protection film on a Jaguar F-Pace SUV


PPF is constructed with UV inhibitors, which benefit the film as well as your paint. Older PPF films tend to discolor and yellow as they age, but this is no longer a worry with today's technology. The UV inhibitors keep the film from yellowing, and protect your clear coat from fading and peeling. Additionally, when applied to headlights and tail lights, the PPF creates an air-tight barrier that keeps the lenses from oxidizing and turning yellow.


Manufacturer certification isn't just some fancy plaque for us to hang on a wall or something to brag about for advertising. Being manufacturer certified means all of our installers have passed strict written and physical tests to industry standards. As a consumer, this means your PPF will be installed with the highest standards, and can be warrantied as such. Manufacturers will void their warranty on the film if it isn't installed correctly, so make sure your vehicle is wrapped by a certified installer!

Certified matters.


Audi RS7 illustration indicating AFS Basic clear ba package with hood fender tips mirror backs

AFS Basic

Hood, Fender Tips, Mirror Backs

Audi RS7 illustration indicating AFS Ultimate clear ba package with hood fender tips mirror backs front bumper

AFS Ultimate

Hood, Fender Tips, Mirror Backs, Front Bumper

Audi RS7 illustration indicating AFS Custom Full clear ba package with hood fender tips mirror backs headlights doors roof trunk full coverage


Any additional coverage added to the AFS Ultimate, up to the entire vehicle