Whether you own a small business with a couple of vehicles, or a large corporation with hundreds, we can work with your budget to create a custom package that fits your needs! Whether you need your fleet vehicles wrapped for branding, batch PPF orders to protect your fleet vehicles, or tint to keep your interiors and drivers safe from the sun, we've got you covered.

We know as a business it's tough to have any of your vehicles out of commission for any amount of time, but we pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our installations, ensuring your vehicles are back in your hands as soon as possible!


Since every business has individual needs, we like to meet in person to review the exact needs of your business to make sure you get the most out of your budget! We are able to bundle multiple services into a unique package deal to help keep costs down, so your budget can go further. 

Please feel free to give us a call at (719) 985-5633 or email us at info@autofilmsolutions.com to get started on building your fleet package!


Full coverage custom printed vinyl wrap on Hexis Silver Rainbow on a Ford Transit Connect


Full wraps are hands down the best possible form of print advertising available currently. No other form of print advertisement can come close to the amount of impressions per dollar spent. A full wrap works for you 24/7, gets seen all over your city, and can include as much or as little information as you like.

Additionally, we offer full design, print, production, and installation services in house, so quality is top notch, and deadlines are always met.


Partial wraps are the perfect option for smaller businesses that might not have the same budget as a big corporation. Not only do you get the same benefits as a full wrap regarding advertisement, depending on final coverage, costs can be kept significantly lower than a full coverage wrap.

Custom printed partial wrap rear coverage on a Scion xB
Custom printed decals for pikes peak internatinal hill climb on a BMW X7


For those looking for temporary advertising or have a strict budget to stick to, printed decals are the best choice available! Not only are costs incredibly low, but when you need to advertise for a specific event, or are offering a promotion for a limited time, decals can be applied and removed with no harm to the paint!


Man installing Xpel Prime XR window tint on a Toyota 4Runner


To keep your interiors from fading, and your drivers comfortable and safe from harmful UV rays, we recommend window tint on at least your side and rear windows. Additionally, the increased privacy will keep your products safer from prying eyes.


We offer special packages for fleet projects to ensure your vehicles maintain that brand new, show room finish for years to come! We can apply paint protection film to your paint or vinyl, and keeping that new look will help keep your business image looking fresh!

Man installing Bodyfence clear bra paint protection film on a Dodge Ram 1500 with solution sprayer


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