The commercial and residential uses for vinyl are absolutely endless! Whether you need your office walls wrapped with branding, or want a forest for an accent wall in your home instead of paint, vinyl is the perfect choice. We can design and produce any kind of graphic or image you might need for your commercial vinyl wrap, and we handle everything in-house to save you time and headaches!


We only use the top brands in the industry (Avery Dennison, Hexis, 3M, etc.) to ensure you get the longest lasting and best looking wrap possible! Our installers are certified in all the major brands, and take utmost pride in providing you you the best installation possible.


  • Aftermarket paint depreciates a vehicles re-sale value.

  • Good quality paint jobs can take several weeks, a high quality wrap takes days.

  • Vinyl is self healing and protects your paint underneath.

  • Custom stripes and partial wraps are much more convenient and not permanent compared to their painted counterparts.

  • Vinyl doesn't flake, it can't be dry sprayed or run, and you'll never be left with fisheyes or pitting.

  • Vinyl has finishes and effects that simply can't be replicated with paint, or would be incredibly expensive to achieve (color flips, brushed finish, chrome, etc.)

  • If a solid color isn't your style, we can also print anything you'd like! Patterns, images, gradients, textures, you name it.



Manufacturer certification isn't just some fancy plaque for us to hang on a wall or something to brag about for advertising. Being manufacturer certified means all of our installers have passed strict written and physical tests to industry standards. As a consumer, this means your wrap will be installed with the highest standards, and can be warrantied as such. Manufacturers will void their warranty on the film if it isn't installed correctly, so make sure your vehicle is wrapped by a certified installer!

Paint is Dead is a collective of the world's top wrap shops and installers. In order to be a part of the Paint is Dead movement, each shop must pass strict application guidelines and prove a history of quality wraps over several years before they can be accepted.

Certified matters.


Full print vinyl wrap on Ford Econoline van for Code 3 Electric


Solid color isn't your only choice. Whether you want to wow your customers and advertise your business, or just want to have the wildest graphics at a show, full print vinyl is going to be the best bet. We are able to print millions of colors, and with basic or specialty laminates, the end result can have many different finishes!


Partial wraps are the perfect option for smaller businesses that might not have the same budget as a big corporation. Not only do you get the same benefits as a full wrap regarding advertisement, depending on final coverage, costs can be kept significantly lower than a full coverage wrap.

Partial vinyl wrap on Ford Transit Connect for Deft Pest Solutions
Custom printed vinl decals on a Ford F150 for Wickham's Workbench


For those looking for temporary advertising or have a strict budget to stick to, printed decals are the best choice available! Not only are costs incredibly low, but when you need to advertise for a specific event, or are offering a promotion for a limited time, decals can be applied and removed with no harm to the paint!


Vinyl isn't just made exclusively for vehicles, there are plenty of options for interior home and office applications! Whether you want a custom finish or graphic for your walls, or need a

non-slip solution for your floors, there is a product out there to fit your needs! Walls, desks, floors, counter tops, you name it! 

Custom full print interior vinyl wrap on desk walls and signs for Auto Film Solutions lobby
Custom full print exterior vinyl wrap on front door and garage door for Auto Film Solutions


Exterior branding is essential to any business! Not only does it help your customers find your building, but it acts as constant advertising for anyone in the area! Whether you need some simple decals, or want to wrap your entire storefront, we've got the ability to fulfill any project needs.