Paint Protection Film isn't limited to just use on vehicles. PPF can adhere to any smooth surface, offering protection to many high traffic areas of your home or business. Countertops, appliances, displays, and even toolboxes can all be covered to protect them from the scratches and scuffs of every day use!

PPF uses advanced elastomeric polymers that allow the film to self heal when scratched and scuffed so you never have to worry about those annoying scratches and paint chips. PPF is 100% optically clear, so regardless of the surface that it is applied to, the color and finish is preserved and protected by an invisible shield!

One of the greatest features, especially for home and office use, is that all of our paint protection films offer an extremely hydrophobic surface that dirt, grime, and water just won't stick to! A simple wipe with a damp towel will remove any buildup! Additionally, you won't have to worry about surface stains from spilled liquids or condensation!


  • Protects smooth surfaces against physical damage like chips and scratches that otherwise are a real pain to fix, both physically and for your wallet.

  • PPF is extremely hydrophobic, so water, dirt, and grime literally fall off your protected surfaces.

  • PPF is 100% optically clear, so you don't have to worry about your protected areas looking any different than your exposed surfaces.

  • Packed with UV inhibitors, you also never have to worry about the PPF yellowing and ruining that invisible coverage.

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